Helios offers environmentally and children friendly markings for decorative purposes with excellent adhesion on asphalt or concrete surfaces. You can create arbitrary geometric shapes and circles that can be used for playground games. It is a eco-friendly solution.

The product can be applied professionally by air/airless spraying or in a simple way by using a roller. It offers fast drying, good weather and UV resistance and a brilliant finished outlook. Signocryl AQ exhibits fast drying and a good resistance towards rain. It is available in white, yellow, blue, red, green and black color. Other shades are available on request.

Floor markings of different shapes for playground games


Signosport is a 1C water-based paint for the coloring of grass areas. It is suitable for line markings for football fields, athletics tracks and other decorative finishing on grass fields. This environmentally friendly fast drying paint offers good adhesion on grass and high weather resistance. It is available in any color shades upon request.


Spray marking paints are ideal for fast and easy markings in parking slots and smaller renewal of existing markings for private or professional use.


SIGNOFORM presents modern road marking, boasting numerous benefits and versatile applications. Its application is straightforward: using a gas burner, SIGNOFORM is flamed onto a solid surface. To ensure proper adhesion, the road surface and its surroundings should maintain a minimum temperature of 5°C. The prefabricated thermoplastics can be applied seamlessly without extensive barriers or preparatory steps. The treated area quickly regains usability without any limitations.

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