Thermoplastic Markings

KANSAI HELIOS presents cutting-edge thermoplastic markings, exemplifying our commitment to eco-friendly and cost-effective marking solutions. Our thermoplastics, renowned for their superior quality, undergo liquefaction at elevated temperatures (190-220 °C) and are applied as a hot melt adhesive. Rapid solidification during the cooling process ensures an exceptionally short curing time. These materials are ideal for thick-film applications (1.5-7 mm) using specialized extruder machines or for precise multi-dot application.

Noteworthy for their durability, abrasion resistance, and lack of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), our thermoplastics stand out as premium road marking materials. Infused with high premix content, they ensure prolonged night visibility, making them a reliable choice for a variety of marking applications.

SIGNOFORM thermoplastic markings represent modern road marking with many advantages and possible applications. The low labor effort, minimal lead times and high durability make SIGNOFORM one of the most popular road marking materials in public areas, communities and cities. The prefabricated thermoplastics can be applied without major barrier and preparation measures. The treated area can be used again without restrictions in a very short time. Due to the flexible production options, SIGNOFORM can be manufactured in individual shapes, colours and sizes.

Thermoplastic Material:

  • With high whiteness for road marking with extrusion or multi-dot system
  • Suitable for applications on heavily loaded urban areas and highways
  • High durability
  • 100% solids (VOC-free)
  • High premix content for long-term night visibility of markings in dry and wet conditions
  • PE packaging and easy to handle
  • Very good thermal stability of the material
  • High recycled material content (> 70%)
  • Application 190–220°C
  • Consumptions: below 6 kg/m² for layer thickness of 3 mm, below 4 kg/m² for multi-dot application, below 2 kg/m2 for spray application

Thermoplastic Material:

  • 12 RAL traffic colours
  • Flexible production options, can be manufactured in individual shapes, colours and sizes
  • Fast curing time, quick use of treated areas
  • Suitable for applications on asphalt, concrete and stone substrates
  • High durability
  • 100% solids (VOC-free)
  • Application at 200–220°C