Bird's eye view of a football pitch with a mural

A colourful Renewal of urban Football Pitch in Ljubljana

At HELIOS, we are passionate about the colours which surround and inspire us. Continuously we pay special attention to creative projects of beautification of the local environment. Thus, we were delighted to learn about the innovative project initiated by landscape architect Svit Oliver Katanec and street artist Maksim Azarkevič. Inspiring youngsters presented us with the idea of transforming local street football pitch in Ljubljana-Gameljne, Slovenia into a mural, following urban trend in world capitals. To transform the idea into urban innovation, our team consulted on choosing the right materials for an asphalt as well as offered support with the materials.

“As a landscape architect I am extremely proud that through my work I can express my passion towards football and pass it to younger generations. After the realisation that local recreational football pitches are slowly becoming abandoned, we have decided to reinstate their value as a place for sports and fun for children. The goal was to set an example in Slovenia and the neighbouring countries of how little is needed to make urban football pitches lively and purposeful again,” stated Svit Oliver Katanec, project initiator.

Football pitch with grass markings

Signocryl KS, HELIOS one-component fast-drying acrylic road marking paint was used to paint the mural at the football pitch. Photos: Maksim Azarkevič

The result of the project is a beautiful artwork by the talented street artist Maksim Azarkevič The mural represents two members of the Slovenian national football team Josip Iličić, currently among most attractive football players on the world, and Boštjan Cesar, long-time captain of the national team. They are developing from the abstract pieces representing their different life paths and experiences, which made them what they are today. The powerful message behind is that everyone can succeed regardless of their background when having a strong will and clear vision to follow their dreams.