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Multi-dot road marking


In recent years, there has been a strong increase in the desire to improve road safety. Many countries are introducing measures to reduce road accidents and investing in the development of transport infrastructure. An important part of this is the provision of permanent and highly visible road markings, which provide audible warnings to drivers and allow advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to function properly.

The expansion of road infrastructure is guided by economic strategic considerations, cost-effectiveness and the ecological and sustainability of the systems used. Solvent-based, single-component paints are commonly used for road markings. Today, other more modern products are available as alternatives, such as water-based systems and high-performance two-component cold plastic materials, which boast an extremely long service life. The latter systems do not contain easily volatile components, eliminating the carbon contribution of solvent emissions such as toluene or acetone in the environment.


SIGNODUR STRUKTURAL cold plastic is applied using specialised machinery. Structural marking with regular (MULTI-DOT) or iregular agglomerate has proven to be particularly efficient and economical in terms of material consumption and marking properties achieved. These two structured badge designs provide very good visibility day and night in dry or wet conditions, as they allow the film of water to drain from the surface of the badges, thus ensuring the reflectivity of the headlamp beam. The profiled structure also alerts the driver when carrying the marking by both vibration and sound, effectively warning road users of unintentional lane departure and preventing a potential accident.

The HELIOS Group has developed a wide range of two-component structural and spray cold plastic systems under the SIGNODUR and REMO brand names. In cooperation with customers, applicators and raw material manufacturers, concepts for traffic-safe markings of top quality have been developed.

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